Low sound levels, Dual control operation, Advanced Cooling, Poly-V Belt Drive, Ultra-Plus Coolant, Generous Serviceability

Infinity ( 5.5 - 11 kW ) - Rotary for Everyone

Screw Compressor Products

We source and supply screw compressors which are recognized for its superlative performance among our distinguished clients. Our products range which is powered by new concept, consumes minimal power.

Real World Benefits

Hot box Cool box design

Exclusive design ensures extended life and reliability. The unique design enables airend to achieve starting temperature as soon as possible and keep heat away from the remaining components like motor.

Low sound levels

The centrifugal blower keeps the noise of Infinity at such low level that allows installation close to point of use.

Dual control operation

Provide flexibility to choose control of operation according to operation requirements, In times of low usage, machine shuts down to eliminate wasteful running, resulting in low operation cost.

Advanced Cooling

High efficiency, oversized combination cooler with roof mount discharge for ease of ducting.

Poly-V Belt Drive

Premium drive system to minimize belt stretching and increase air output.

Simple Diagnostics

Visual indication of operating status, hours & fault warnings for ease of operation and reduced downtime.

Ultra-Plus Coolant

Ingersoll Rand's Ultra-Plus provides 9,000 hour extended coolant life, simple condensate separa tion and high level of biodegradability.

Generous Serviceability

Spacious design for ease of serviceability. Consumable items are extremely easy to access for quick and cost effective preventative maintenance.

Model Power Pressure Capacity
HP kW psig barg cfm m3/min
IN-7-7 7 5.5 102 7 27.5 0.78
IN-7-8 7 5.5 116 8 26.0 0.74
IN-7-10 7 5.5 145 10 23.6 0.67
IN-10-7 10 7.5 102 7 37.4 1.06
IN-10-8 10 7.5 116 8 35.3 1.00
IN-10-10 10 7.5 145 10 30.0 0.85
IN-15-7 15 11 102 7 54.4 1.54
IN-15-8 15 11 116 8 51.2 1.45
IN-15-10 15 11 145 10 44.1 1.25