Our Mission

The mission of the SUMVED INTERNATIONAL is to provide all customers the best Quality products available in the market place at a competitive price.

To provide professional service for those products, on a continuous basis to ensure minimum downtime and increase productivity.

To conduct all business dealings in a professional and honest manner at all times.

To respond promptly to all customers requirements for Sales & Service.

It is the Vision of the SUMVED INTERNATIONAL to be the first on the list of our customers and to be considered as a value added asset and extended arm of their organisation, for all their equipment procurement, maintenance requirements, technical assistance in procurement /marketing decisions and on a long term relationship.

It is the Charge of the SUMVED INTERNATIONAL to be a value added asset to all customers in their equipment needs and assistance in marketing decisions to accomplish such duties in the time requested.

Why us & Our Products

  • Meets Global Standard and Quality.
  • Assistance to understand your budgetary constraints based on analysis of your output, selection of product range and customising product specifications and mix-match, integrated solutions.
  • Before Supply, we plan your future service requirements, less downtime.
  • Strict adherence for delivery commitments.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Prompt customer feedback.

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SUMVED INTERNATIONAL India's leading locally-owned compressed air power generation solution provider, with a strong emphasis on professional service and customer care. Since 2006, SUMVED INTERNATIONAL has continued to expand its operations worldwide majorly in Asian sub-continent viz., Middle East and SE Asia. SUMVED INTERNATIONAL is Authorized Dealer for INGERSOLL-RAND INDIA Ltd. & TRIDENT PNEUMATICS Pvt. Ltd.


Our Products Range

Screw Compressor

Screw Compressor Products

We source and supply screw compressors which are recognized for its superlative performance among our distinguished clients. Our products range which is powered by new concept, consumes minimal power.

Reciprocating Air Compressor T-30

Reciprocating Air Compressor T-30

Designed and produced by ingersoll-Rand, the world leader in Reciprocating air compressor manufacturing, sales and service. Precision engineered quality components products. More delivered an (cfm) providing the power to do the job right and in less time.

IND-Star Series Reciprocating Oil Free Air Compressor

IND-Star Series Reciprocating Oil Free Air Compressor

The ingersoll Rand industrial star range Oil-Free Air Compressor Packages are self contained compressed air power plants, engineered into an unusually compact skid mounted unit that has everything you need.

High Pressure Compressor

PET Star - High Pressure Compressor

PET Star products are designed for the Plastic Blow Molding Industry. Quality with Reliability. Continuous Duty, Three Stage, Double Acting, Water Cooled Design. 100% Oil-free air. Constructed to ASME, and NEC requirements.

Automatic Drain Valve

Automatic Drain Valves

We offer automatic drain valves which effectively condensate water, oil and moisture ensuring absolutely no loss of compressed air and hence saving enormous energy. Our products range is available in 1000, 2000 and 3000 LCD series.

Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryers

Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryer

We offer refrigerated compressed air dryers used for the treatment of compressed air and making it completely moisture free. This moisture-free compressed air finds usage in many industries and their different processes.

Compressed Air Dryer

Compressed Air Dryer (Heatless)

We offer heatless compressed air dryer which are the simplest form of desiccant type gas or air dryer (drier). Our products range is perfect for achieving a dew point of -400C for compressed air dryers systems and other gas and air dryer (drier) applications.

Dryspell Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers

Dryspell Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers

Moist air from the compressor is sent through the coalescing filter. Here water & oil coalesces, gets purged through the auto drain valve. Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers offers total cleaning solution for lubricated and non-lubricated compressed Air products.



Flow upto 1150 cfm. Pressure upto 100 kg/cm2. Series TFM removes moisture from the compressed air by coalescence. The condensed moisture is drained periodically by manual / Auto drain.

Submicron Filters

Submicron Filters

Our sub micron filters effectively eliminate moisture, oil and dirt from the compressed air. Its drainage system filters the air effectively, thus providing clean air, which enhance the performance of respective machines.

Vortex Filters

Vortex Filters - VXD 2

Filter eliminates 100% water In liquid phase Air is termed as Dry air as long as there is no water in liquid condition Vortex Filter removes and evaporates- water thereby assuring 100% liquid water free air i.e. dry air.