The FlexDryer's unique design reduces the relative humidity of the saturated compressed air to 0.5%.

Flexy Dryers

Automatic Drain Valves

Flexy Dry

  • Handles upto 20scfm.
  • Built in dirt and oil aerosol filters.
  • Replaces old technology at gun bulb filters.
  • Significantly reduces paint defects from air line moisture.
  • Mounts inline with air hose.
  • Simple 2 minute installation
  • Low Investment.
  • Humidity Indicator for easy tracking of desiccant performance.
  • No Electricity input required, use and dispose.
Flow Capacity Maximum Pressure Filter Rating Inlet & Outlet Connections L X B X H
20 SCFM 200 PSI 1 micron 1/4" NPT 35 1/2"X1 1/4"X1 1/4"

Application :

  • Automatic Drain Valves
    Spray Painting
  • Automatic Drain Valves
    Tyre Air Fitting Stations
  • Automatic Drain Valves
    Pneumatic Tools